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Dr. Paul Brugger
3008 South Church Street
Burlington, NC 27215

Our Patients Speak

If you want to see a chiropractor that is different from all the rest, then you need to go see Dr. Brugger.  I’ve been to plenty of other chiropractors and the experience at Brugger Chiropractic is unlike any of the others.  Unlike some of the other chiropractors that I have been to, Dr. Brugger did not put me on a long, drawn out Treatment Plan.  He fixes me up, and I’m good to go.  And if I ever need a tune up, I know it is never a problem if I drop in unannounced, without an appointment.  They always accommodate me.  If you want to be treated like royalty, instead of just another number, then this is the place I recommend!

–  Troy Tann

Dr. Brugger is a God-send.  He is a great man.  He has helped my family many times.  Dr. Brugger and all the staff have always gone the extra mile when we needed “straightening out”.  Over the years Dr. Brugger has taught us about good posture and better health and nutrition…so much so that our whole family looks forward to our regular visits to maintain what we started.  Thank You Dr. B for all that you do !!

–  Bobby Workman

When I was introduced to Dr. Brugger I was already seeing a chiropractor and was stuck in the rut of having my chiropractor’s needs met on his terms. Dr. Brugger allows me to visit him when I have flare ups. He gives the best adjustments I have ever experienced. The staff is always happy and friendly and their Walk-in Welcome/No appointment necessary policy is the ultimate in convenience.

– Jonathan Noah

Dr. Brugger has helped me for about 15 years now. I have chronic neck pain and BAD headaches. I have also had numerous joint issues with horrible pain (hips, shoulders, jaw, wrist and and hands). Each time I have been treated expertly and kindly to help heal the painful areas so that I can go on with my daily activities. I truly believe that without Dr. Brugger’s care, I would be a disabled person by now, unable to work and function as I would like.

– Karen McMasters

Well, where do I start? Over 10 years ago my neck and back hurt day and night. Both were because of injuries. My daughter got me an appointment with Dr. Brugger, and with chiropractic care my life and well being has been much better. What I like about Dr. Brugger is, if one type of adjustment doesn’t work for me, he will use another. By the way, his Staff in the office are great!

– Robert Laws

I have been going to Dr. Brugger for at least 14 years. He is very professional but also very friendly. His staff are very sweet and kind each time you go in. They make you feel welcome and glad to see you. Very considerate. I think a lot of all of them !

– Pam Temple

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Paul Brugger since 2007. He has helped tremendously with our neck and spine problems. We now choose a regular monthly appointment which helps maintain our ability to stay active without relying on pain medication. He and his staff have always been friendly, helpful and professional.

– Barbara Batts

I’ve been going to Dr. Brugger periodically for years. I’m always greeted courteously and I’m seen in a timely manner. Dr. Brugger is a gem and I hope to keep seeing him for my Chiropractic needs. Thanks Dr. Brugger, for helping me without meds.

– Rebecca Martin

I have been coming to Brugger Chiropractic for about 10 years. I have tried many other chiropractors but I always come back to Dr. Brugger. He always seems to know how to correct the problem or just keep everything in good shape. If you need special treatment, he doesn’t mind and will help you in a mintute.

– Robert Davis

I want to thank Dr. Brugger for all that he has done for me. I used to have numbness in my legs because of my back. With his adjustments, I can have a normal life. I very much recommend him for any kind of chiropractic needs. He also has a very friendly staff that will help in any way they can. Thanks so much for your help.

– Sammy Picaid

For several years, I would get sudden pain in my lower back or neck for no apparent reason. Since I began treatment with Dr. Brugger, I do not have these issues anymore. Dr. Brugger showed me what was causing my pain and how a few simple exercises, along with chiropractic adjustments, would strengthen my back and prevent the pain from returning. I am very thankful to Dr. Brugger and his Staff for all they do.

– Todd Hopkins

I’ve seen Dr. Brugger for a while now over the years for various complaints. The staff is always smiling and courteous. He helps with my Chiropractic needs with very little wait time. I always feel better after my adjustment.

– Kenneth Martin

Since I started seeing Dr. Brugger for chiropractic adjustments, my neck and back rarely bother me. My core is stronger and my overall health is better. Dr. Brugger genuinely cares about his patient’s well being. His staff is friendly and makes you feels welcome as soon as you step in the door. I would, and do, recommend Dr. Brugger to anyone who wants to feel better.

– Carolyn Hopkins